Veterinary Technician Course Requirements

A veterinary technician works under the supervision of a veterinarian to perform tasks of routine in the laboratory. People with a passion will find this course very appealing as it has a lot of interaction with animals that are in pain and discomfort. The job of a veterinary technician is to very much provide expert service to animal and their owners. A veterinary technician can work in a clinic where a variety of animals could be brought or can also work on a select type of animals. A veterinary technician should also be good in communication as it plays a vital role too.

Prerequisites for Admission:

The student should have average or better grades in algebra, biology and chemistry. The course should have been for a period of a year or two semesters. Few of the other skills that could be expected are communication and basic computer skills.


  • First semester – The student undergoes the following courses,
    • Occupational preparation
    • Principles of Animal Biology
    • Animal care and management
    • Laboratory Animal Science 1
  • Second semester
    • Life Science Chemistry
    • Veterinary Clinical Pathology 1
    • Animal Disease 1
    • Animal Care & Management 2
  • Third semester
    • Animal Disease 2
    • Surgical Nursing 1
    • Animal Nursing 1
    • Technical Reporting
    • Animal Anatomy and Physiology 1
  • Fourth semester
    • Psychology of Human Relations
    • Advanced Topics in Clinical Pathology
    • Veterinary Clinical Pathology 3
    • Diagnostic Imaging
    • Surgical Nursing 2
    • Advanced Topics in Clinical Pathology
    • Summer internship
      • It is a required course that happens after the second semester.
      • The students are placed with licensed veterinarians under the supervision of the colleges offering the course.

Areas covered by veterinary technician course:

Students who have completed the veterinary technician course find jobs as veterinary technician or laboratory animal technician. Additional education could pave way for jobs as hospital managers, facility managers or pet food company representatives.

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