Veterinary Assistant Education Requirements

A veterinary assistant is a person who helps a veterinary doctor in taking care of animals and pets.  Any person working at this position may have several work duties and responsibilities as health care is a job which requires looking after various things such as taking blood samples, administering medication, taking orders from the vet etc.

To become a veterinary assistant, a person needs to have specific education requirements along with needed skills.  One can go through the following veterinary assistant educational requirements to know more about the same.

Veterinary Assistant Education Requirements

  • A person who is interested in becoming a veterinary assistant must complete high school studies in the field of medical science.
  • There are options available for 2 year associate degree programs in veterinary assistant at many colleges and universities and this may be a compulsory education requirement by many employers.
  • Apart from this, an experience of few years with pets and animals is also considered preferable.

Veterinary Assistant Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The following are certain courses, degree programs and certificate courses which a person can take up in order to stand a better chance of being hired as a veterinary assistant in a veterinary clinic:

  • There are 4 year Bachelor of Science programs and courses available at many universities which can be taken up to become a veterinary assistant.
  • A 2 year associate degree program may also be taken up by those who have a keen interest in this field.
  • There are many training programs which deal with taking care of health and well being of pets and these training programs too prove to be useful for interested candidates.
  • Special classes are designed which consist of both lectures and laboratory work so that candidates can develop their skills further in this field.
  • Courses in animal nursing, physiology, animal terminology and anatomy etc are also useful

Veterinary Assistant Qualifications and Training

Apart from degrees and educative courses etc, a candidate must also attend practical training programs which might help him/her to develop the skills which are required to be a veterinary assistant. These programs equip one to deal with difficult situations and animal health related complications etc.

Veterinary Assistant Colleges and Universities

Veterinary Assistant Wages and Salaries

The average salary of a person working as a veterinary assistant is around $29000 and this may vary depending upon the candidate’s skills, qualifications and experience etc.

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