Vending Machine Repairer Education and Job Requirements

Vending Machine Repairer Requirements

The responsibility of the vending machine repairer is, as the title of the profession suggests, performs the necessary maintenance works to keep the efficiency of a vending machine intact. He/she should apply ample application based knowledge to identify the mechanical or electrical or technical defect of any other kind that is interrupting the proper working of the vending machine and must initiate and complete the remedial measures. The main employers of the vending machine repairers are those companies that sell food and beverages and the maintenance departments of various hotels.

Education requirements:

  • A high school diploma from a good educational institution in science stream is desirable.
  • The candidates with an associated degree or diploma from a community college in electronics   are seriously considered for the post.
  • Certified training in machine repair from an accredited institute hugely works in favor of the candidate.

Job requirements:

  • An experience of at least 2 years working as a vending machine repairer in an agency or under a renowned company.
  • The candidate must have ample expertise in rebuilding the vending machine as might be required on certain occasions where the reinstallation of the whole set up might be the priority.
  • Should be proficient enough to troubleshoot the mechanical problems of the vending machine along with its electrical equipments.
  • Must possess knowledge about replacing certain parts of the vending machine if the condition of the machine demands so.
  • Should be sincere at work and maintain punctuality.
  • Must log a brief account of the work on a regular basis.

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