Ultrasound Technician Course Requirements

An ultrasound technician course requirements must be fulfilled for a candidate aiming at a Bachelor’s degree, an associate’s degree or a certification degree in the subject. This involves considerable coursework in patient care, medical imaging, and professional sonography and so on. An ultrasound technician’s course requirements also include at least two years of intensive study and practical classes. Sometimes a degree program which will award a candidate with a Bachelor’s degree can last up to four years depending on the college. High GPA must be maintained throughout the ultrasound technician course and the required certification for practicing as a licensed ultrasound technician must also be obtained.

What ultrasound technician courses are offered by ultrasound technician Institutes?

The following ultrasound technician courses are generally offered by various institutes:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Ultrasound in Medical Assisting, Diagnostic Medical Sonography or Ultrasound Technician Training
  • Associate degree in Ultrasound Technician Training
  • Certification course in Ultrasound Technician Training

What is there to study in an ultrasound technician course?

A potential ultrasound technician must successfully complete study in the following areas in order to fulfill the ultrasound technician course requirements:

  • Patient care
  • Radioactive imaging
  • Fetal imaging
  • Blood vessel imaging
  • Acoustic physics

This is complemented by the need for candidates to complete intensive practical training which will allow them to handle medical equipment like X-ray machines and ultrasound machines with ease. Usually the first few semesters of a four year degree course are reserved for theoretical classes and the practical classes start in the last year. The clinical practicum course or the clinical practice course takes place in a doctor’s chambers and the ultrasound technician is equipped with the skills to identify clots, cancers and other aberrations of normal tissue.

What should you do to get into an “Ultrasound Technician” course?

  • The potential ultrasound technician must pass the entrance examination of the ultrasound technician institute with high marks in order to qualify. He must complete courses in anatomy and physiology, which can either be included in the institute itself for students who have not completed them, or they can be completed by the student prior to enrolling for the ultrasound technician course.
  • Often, a candidate must obtain a Healthcare CPR Certification before enrolling in an ultrasound technician course. However, this varies from institute to institute.

What research option you can have ahead in the field of ultrasound technician?

Generally, this course is geared towards serving the professional sector. However, for someone who is interested in research in the field, there are some opportunities whereby he may switch from ultrasound technician course to a medicine course and pursue research from there.

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