TV Technician Education and Job Requirements

TV Technician Requirements

A TV technician is one who looks after TV repair, installation, up gradation, etc. He can put up his own electronic shop, can be employed in a TV manufacturing firm, or work under a supervisor in another TV electronic shop. TV technicians need to ensure all the televisions are working in proper condition. The education requirements and job requirements of a TV technician are mentioned below:

Education Requirements:

  • Candidates are expected to have knowledge in the working of a television including the electronic and electrical equipments.
  • Employers look for applicants that have completed their electrical or electronic engineering.
  • A few years of practical experience gives a candidate valuable advantage over the others.

Job Requirements:

  • Candidates need to perform regular maintenance of television sets.
  • Candidates should know how to install and upgrade the television system with newer technologies.
  • All TV Technicians need to undergo few weeks of initial training and get hands on experience on the job requirements.
  • Ability to detect problems through different testing methodologies is a crucial trait required. Therefore candidates must possess good analytical skills.
  • Candidates must know standard working procedures in line with the policies of the firm.
  • Candidates should also be able to finish assigned tasks within deadlines.
  • Candidates must be comfortable working with and operating different electronic equipments used in a television.
  • Understanding the requirements of a customer is an essential requirement.
  • The candidates must keep themselves updated with the latest technology and developments in the TV related work so that they can provide perfect maintenance services.

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