Treasury Analyst Education Requireemnts

The treasury analyst education requirement needs to encompass financial subjects and stress on various aspects of banking and finance. The treasury analyst education needs to prepare aspiring candidates for applying the knowledge and skills towards managing various job functions.

Some of the important job functions that a treasury analyst will need to handle include monitoring daily cash, preparing different types of reports like liquidity reports, counterparty exposure reports, hedging reports, and cash management reports; assisting in Debt Facility compliance monitoring and reporting, working with cash flow forecast models, managing treasury workstation reporting and handling various Ad hoc treasury programs.

The aim of treasury analyst education is to prepare aspiring candidates to deal with any and all situations related to treasury and finance and to offer necessary solutions.

Treasury Analyst Education Requirements:

  • The first and foremost educational qualification to pursue a treasury analyst career is a high school degree with good grades.
  • The second important educational requirement for an aspiring treasury analyst is an under graduate program. A bachelor’s degree program in Finance is a prerequisite. This is a 3-year degree program that offers an insight into financial planning, accounting and finance basics, micro-economics, business law, commercial law, banking and investment, etc.
  • There is a certification program available, which will ensure that as aspiring candidate becomes a Certified Treasury Professional. This certification course not only enhances your treasury knowledge but also in Optimizing cash resources, short-term financing, maintaining liquidity, long-term financing, exposure to financial risk, capital investment decisions, and much more. Once a candidate becomes a Certified Treasury Professionals (CTP), it will increase the probability of career advancement multifold.

Treasury Analyst Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

Most organizations mention specific educational qualifications for the post of quantitative analyst. The primary educational requirements include:

  • High school degree
  • Bachelor of Finance
  • Certification for  Certified Treasury Professional (CTP)

Treasury Analyst Qualification and Training:

Under graduate programs in finance offers knowledge and creates and overall understanding of finance, accounting, and investment but it is the certification course where a candidate will learn more about treasury, the different functions, and how to use their knowledge for managing various functions.

Treasury Analyst Colleges and Universities:

Treasury Analyst Wages and Salaries:

The average salary of a treasury analyst in the US varies from $54,494 to $119,764 annually while the median expected salary is $87,060. The average salary of a treasury analyst can vary according to the organization as well like General Motors offers an average salary of $100,658 while Bank of America offers an average of $57,659.

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