Treasurer Education Requirements

A treasurer is a professional who handles the financial elements of an organization or company. If you become a treasurer, you job will include keeping the account of the fiscal elements, make effective plans that would lead to the increase in your company’s profits, keep a tab on the finance and taxation. Another important job that a treasurer has is to maintain cordial relations with representatives of various banks that the company works with, for future prospects.

Treasurer Educational Requirements

  • To take this up as a career, candidates must have a background in finance and accounting.
  • Degrees like Bachelor’s in Accounting, Bachelor’s in Finance and Taxing, Bachelor’s in Banking, Bachelor’s in Commerce will give the candidate a good base in subjects which a treasurer needs to have an expertise on.
  • Other diploma courses like Diploma of Chartered Financial Analysts will give the candidate an edge.
  • Certified Treasury Professional certification is also a certificate for the expertise in this profession that could help the candidate a lot.

Treasurer Degrees Courses and certifications

  • Bachelor of Accounting
  • Bachelor of Finance
  • Bachelor’s in Banking
  • Bachelor’s in taxing
  • Master’s degree in Accounts and Finance
  • Chartered Finance Analyst Certification
  • Certified Treasury Professional certification, Association for Financial Professionals 

Treasurer Qualification and training

To make a career in this profession, candidate needs to have a commerce background and usually in finance. They need to have a job in any of the fields ranging from finance, tax, banking and a considerable experience in the same to give them a good knowledge about fiscal policies, financial and tax reports, and risks in the financial industry. A few certificate courses like Certified Treasury Professional also help the candidates to do better in their job. The training of the candidate depends on the internships he does in various accounts and finance firms during his college as well as the jobs he takes up before becoming a treasurer.  The qualifications as well as training help a candidate to get a good job in a reputed company. 

Treasurer Colleges and Universities

Treasurers Wages and Salary

As the job of a treasurer is highly sought and involves a lot of knowledge and experience, the salary prospects are good. The salary for these professionals lies in between $185,000 and $205,000 per annum. The salary of these professionals varies depending upon various factors including qualifications, education, experience, type of company, work profile and others.

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