Travel Writer Education Requirements

A Travel writer is an individual who explores different destinations in the world and shares his/her experiences with others with the help of written text and photographs/videos of travel etc. Any individual with the desire to travel and the stamina to travel a lot can apply for the position of a travel writer in a suitable work setting. But apart from the interest and the strength, what is majorly required from a person at this position is the exceptional writing style and capability.

Talent for descriptive writing and an observant mind are the two main things which every travel writer must possess.  Travel writers often work for media groups such as magazines, newspapers, TV channels etc or may either be self employed. Let’s take a look at the various education requirements which a travel writer needs to fulfill.

Travel Writer Education Requirements

The following educational requirements are the ones that a travel writer needs to fulfill:

  • The most basic requirement for anyone to qualify for the position of a travel writer in a company is to complete high school education with good grades in language subjects like English.
  • Earning a degree in English or journalism is the other major requirement for a candidate to get this job.

Travel Writer Degrees, Courses and Certifications

There are many ways to become a travel writer and the following are a few:

  • The first step is to get a high school passing certificate with focus on English.
  • Graduation in English or Journalism is the next step which is often mandatory.
  • One may also pursue post graduation in any of these fields to get a better job prospect.
  • In order to improve writing skills, one can join a short term writing course or an independent workshop.
  • Certificate course in professional or creative writing may also help.

Travel Writer Qualification and Training

Travel writers need to get out there in the open and start writing about everything they see and experience. For this, the best way is to take a trip and start writing. There is no better training than actually doing travel writing independently for a while.

Travel Writer Colleges and Universities

Travel Writer Wages and Salaries

The average salary of a travel writer in US is $75000. This salary figure may vary depending upon the work placement and the skills that the writer possesses. The education, experience and popularity may also be other additional factors.

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