Travel Agent Education Requirements

A travel agent’s education requirements should be focused on educating the candidates with the skillful knowledge of travel and tourism. Their education must also focus on developing the candidates with strong communication skills along with excellent sales & marketing skills. The education must thoroughly emphasize on developing the requisite skills with the correct and relevant knowledge about travel and tourism. As these candidates are required to make travel arrangements for their clients, they need to have a pleasing personality so that they can communicate well with the client and propose travel suggestion to them as per their requirements.

A travel agent’s education must be substantial and should include thorough subject knowledge. The education should prepare the travel agents to take up the challenges involved in their job successfully.

Travel Agent Education Requirements:

  • A travel agent should have passed high school in the any stream.
  • A travel agent must possess bachelor’s degree in any field closely related with travel and tourism.
  • Candidates looking forward to pursue their career in the field of travel and tourism as travel agent can participate in vocational courses related with this field to enhance their qualifications.

Travel Agent Education Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

A travel agent must possess following certifications and degrees:

  • High school diploma
  • Bachelor’s degree in travel and tourism
  • Bachelors of Arts in Travel and Tourism
  • Certificate courses or diplomas in hotel management, travel and tourism planning & principles or similar courses
  • These candidates are also required to pass the certification exam to obtain CTA (certified travel associate) or CTC (Certified travel consultant) credential.

Travel Agent Education Qualification and Training:

A travel agent must possess certain skills and qualities to be successful in their field. They can build up the requisite skill set by participating in hands-on training programs but there are very few institutes who offer these kinds of training programs. So, candidates can enroll themselves for such practical exposure by taking up summer jobs in travel agencies or by enrolling themselves in practical training programs offered by travel institutes. These candidates are required to possess skills like communication and interpersonal skills, courteous and pleasing personality, and strong sales and marketing skills.

Travel Agent Education Colleges and Universities:

Travel Agent Education Wages and Salaries:

The travel agent’s salaries packages are quite handsome but mostly the salaries offered to these candidates are not fixed. Their salaries depend on the number of clients handled by them if they are working individually. Candidates working with travel companies and agencies get fixed salaries and variable perks. On average travel agents make around $30,000 – $65,000 per year.

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