Transportation Planner Education and Job Requirements

Transportation Planner Requirements

A transportation planner is an individual who is responsible for planning the strategies in order to improve the overall transportation system. He has to analyze the various factors of consideration and then make proper plans for transportation accordingly. He also studies the social and environmental effects of the transport plan.

Educational Requirements

  • The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree preferably in science stream.
  • He should be a post graduate with an engineering degree
  • A degree in management will be an added advantage.
  • Any specialized degree or course in transportation planning will work in his favor.

Job requirements

  • A transportation planner needs to have good technical knowledge as he has to design the transport facilities.
  • He needs to have sound knowledge in Mathematics and computers in order to make changes in policies.
  • A transportation planner needs to have good evaluation skills in order to decide the cost of the various strategies.
  • He should have good decision making power as he has to give solutions to clients regarding any transport related issues.
  • A transportation planner should have good analytical skills.
  • A transportation planner has to be creative so that he can bring in and implement new ideas regarding the transport facility.

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