Training Requirements

Training requirements of a particular job are completely dependent on the job’s technical involvement, safety hazards, social structure (teamwork) and intellectual compatibility with the employee. These domains are checked to see if the employee is well-suited to carry out the functions efficiently. The training has to be proportionate to the responsibilities associated with the job and that is where the requirement factor creeps in. So the requirement strategies should not be expected to be the same for all. But the resultant output of the training programs should be attained on a holistic level by grooming the employees in all respects.

  • Employees, in some organizations, have to undergo training classes in full force for a certain time period prior to joining whereas the rest provide training within the workplace as apprenticeship.
  • The employees have to be high achievers with respect to the subjects they have learnt in college before being selected for training. Training is only the practical understanding of the job, the knowledge of which is already laid down by education.
  • Safety training is very important which is the most basic requirement as any job, especially manual ones, entail low to high risks. The employees are expected to be well-versed in the precautionary measures.

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