Trainee Accountant Education and Job Requirements

Trainee Accountant Requirements

A trainee accountant has immense responsibilities to properly manage and upgrade the accounts of a specific private organization or a public institute. The job requires optimized application of knowledge of accountancy and concepts of commerce. The person who is a trainee accountant hones further the skills of accounting under a supervisory head. The job demands an accurate monitoring of the financial records and proceedings on a regular basis. The points below would indicate the education and job requirements for the post.

Education Requirements:

  • A graduate degree in accountancy with at least a second class honors.
  • A master’s degree in accountancy or commerce with at least a second class honors.
  • A master’s in business administration with specialization in accountancy.

Job Requirements:

  • The interested candidates should be able to apply the advanced concepts of accountancy to the relevant commerce-based assignments.
  • Must exhibit clear ideas about business strategies and policy making.
  • Should have the expertise to assess the flow of liquid funds and other resources within the commercial framework.
  • Must have superior documentation skills to record and file the day-to-day accounting proceedings.
  • Should be a team player and must exhibit good coordinating skills.
  • Should be a dynamic and fast learner.

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