Trade Importer Education Requirements

The main job of the trade importers is to handle the business transactions between foreign companies and national companies. The import part of the job involves bringing raw materials and finished goods into the country. When it comes to export, you have to send raw materials or finished products abroad.


If you would like to have a job of this kind, you must learn to use trade financing services. In the majority of the cases the employers are looking for people who have a college degree and who can speak at least one foreign language. In some cases it is enough to have a liberal arts degree.

However there are a lot of employers who prefer those applicants who have a law, accounting or engineering degree. It is also possible that you will need an advanced degree regarding business administration. Usually the jobs of this kind require people to live in the U. S.

Foreign countries

If you would like to live abroad, this might be the perfect job for you. However employers usually send abroad only those employees who have years of experience and who are really good at their job.

On the job training

Some of the companies prefer to train their employees themselves. This happens through classroom courses. Naturally there is also some on the job training. This means that you will have a ‘mentor’ who will guide you and will supervise your work. The people who get this job have to learn about the practices of the country, but also about the practices of foreign countries.

Information about the job

Everything that has something to do with international trading has strict terms and conditions. Since there are a lot of different situations that you can encounter, the duties can vary according to the given field. The larger companies have distinct divisions for operations of this kind. In this case the job of the manager is to increase the efficiency and the volume of the foreign trade.

It is also important for the traders to make sure that they are dealing with dependable customers. These have to be legitimate companies located in countries that have sound economies and stable governments. The managers are helped by the traders who work and live abroad. Sometimes they have to travel from one country to the other in order to find new customers. Because of their job they have to work with people of all kinds.

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