Toy Designer Education Requirements

A toy designer is a person who is in the field which requires him to create, design toys and look after the entire functioning and mechanical aspect related to the formation of toys.  Toy designers work for toy manufacturing companies and use their creativity, skills and educational qualifications for the creation of different types and categories of toys and games. A toy designer comes in the category of a product designer who is also assigned to handle marketing and engineering aspect of toy manufacturing. Thus this field requires one to have the necessary educational qualifications clubbed with other requisites such as skills, talent, labour and fresh ideas.

A toy designer can also work independently to design and create toys and then approach toy manufacturers to sell their product under the brand name. Toy designers are engineers working on ideas that could be used as mass productions.

Toy designer education requirements:

  • To start with, any person with innovative thinking and inclination towards the field of toy designing must have passed high school from a recognised school.
  • A bachelor’s degree in any subject preferably industrial design or computer design could be the right direction towards becoming a toy designer.
  • Courses related to administration, business, merchandising etc could be helpful in brightening up the resume of a toy designing aspirant.

Toy designer education degrees, courses and certifications:

In order to work as a toy designer, the candidate could possess any of the following degrees, courses and diplomas:

  • High school diploma is a must.
  • Bachelor’s degree in any field or a diploma course in industrial design or merchandising.
  • Courses in art related subjects could also be add ons for one to become a toy designer.
  • Courses related to administration, marketing, psychology, anthropology could also be useful.

Toy designer education qualifications and training:

Apart from the knowledge and creativity to design a toy, one must be good at understanding the needs of children and their psychology. A toy designer aspirant can take training under established toy designers to understand the process of designing and manufacturing of a toy. Courses related to the safety aspects of a toy are also being taught in some institutes.

Toy designer colleges and universities:

Toy designer wages and salary:

The salaries of toy designers vary greatly depending upon the success of each toy designer. The average median salary per year of an established toy designer could be between $25000-$80000 plus bonuses and perks depending upon the company or employer of the toy designer.

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