Tour Manager Education Requirements

Tour managers organize and make arrangements for travel and make sure that all aspects of the tour run smoothly without any problem. A tour manager looks after the client’s finances for the tour, manages schedules, and arranges for transportation and meals and also book hotels. He might also have to mediate any conflicts that occur between the members involved in a tour.

A good tour manager has to be calm and should be able to manage the various tasks he is required to do. Working as a tour manager can also be fun as he gets to explore different parts of the world.

Tour Manager Education Requirements

Candidates seeking to pursue a career as tour manager should possess the following educational requirements:

  • Candidates can start with a bachelor’s degree in business management, psychology, accounting or business law.
  • Missouri State University suggests that students take part in internship programs to gain knowledge in the field and develop the skills required to become tour manger.
  • After completion of the training programs, candidates may get hired by tour companies and the larger the company, the more the candidates is exposed to the field and also the more travelling he does.
  • Candidates can perform research about the area he will be travelling to, so that he gains more confidence and gains more appreciation.

Tour Manager Degrees, Courses and Certifications

  • A Bachelor’s degree in business management.
  • Certifications from the International Guide Academy such as Certified Tour Manager or Certified Tour Director.
  • Internship programs offered by tourism companies.

Tour Manager Qualification and Training

Tour managers should possess good interpersonal and leadership skills, problem solving skills and creativity. Organization, passion and creativity are the three most important qualities that a tour manager should possess in order to become successful.

They should also have good communication skills to effectively communicate to the tour participants and to manage situations effectively. Tour manager should be thoughtful enough to oversee the needs of the tour participants, manage promotional events and to prepare the cast and crew schedule sheets.

Tour Manager Colleges and Universities

Tour Manager Wages and Salary

The wages of tour manager differ based on the size of the tour. The annual salary of a tour manager ranges between &30,000 and $40,000 per year. Salary depends on the size of the tour company and the profit the company makes and its geographic location.

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