Tour Guide Education Requirements

A tour guide is a professional who helps in leading groups of people to historical places as well as cultural, educational and regional interest. They give detailed description and provide knowledge about the destinations that are frequently visited by tourists and students. These tour guide professional are the candidates who are being trained on job itself.

A tour guide is a professional who works with hotels, cruise lines and of course with tours and travels guide companies. They may work full time or on contract basis. The work of a tour guide professional is to entertain people but in an informative way as he must retain the exact information of historical dates and facts as well as other information he is giving to the people.

Tour Guide Education Requirements

  • A candidate who wants to become a tour guide can get a diploma on the same from the high school itself.
  • A candidate may also enroll in some certified course from vocational school where they give on job training. This helps him to get license in be a tour guide in big cities.
  • A candidate can also do some undergraduate course in tour guide.
  • It is an advantage to the candidate if he knows more than two languages or more but not mandatory.
  •  A candidate may take special training on first aid or fire management as it will enhance his career.

Tour Guide Degrees, Courses and Certification

A candidate must consider these degrees, courses and certification if he wants to be a tour guide professional.

  • High school diploma
  • Bachelor degree in hospitality management, service management etc
  • Master degree in hospitality management, sustainable tourism etc
  • Vocational courses that provide on job training
  • Special courses in first aid, fire management, life guard etc.

Tour Guide Qualification and Training

Apart from the courses on job training is a must. This helps the candidate to interact with the tourists and understand what they like the most. The candidate himself should be interested in gathering information whether of historical dates or facts or museum or knowing some special features of animals and birds in the zoos.

Tour Guide Colleges and Universities

Tour Guide Wages and Salary

The salary paid to the tour guide varies depending on the job profile and the experience of the candidate. The salary also depends upon the type of organization who hires the services of the tour guide.  On an average, a candidate working in this position earns around $76,000 per year.

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