Top 10 reasons to use technology in education

Technology is used in education because they have many advantages. They increase the interest of the students, give easy access to information and help the teachers also use technological tools for explaining the subject better. It has made the world a smaller place and helps students to interact with each other, clear doubts, discuss various academic topics and teachers can also interact with other educators. Here are a more reasons which will show why technology is important in education:

  • Number 1: Technology gives people in remote areas access to information which they otherwise would not be able to reach and many teachers can teach them from these far off places
  • Number 2: The study materials used through technology are more interactive and simulative and challenge the senses of the students making them more interested in the topic
  • Number 3: Students also get a chance to make and present alternative forms of assignments through videos, computers or photos
  • Number 4: Students can also work together by chatting on the intranet or internet and collaborate in studies or share information
  • Number 5: Technology can also help them to make their projects more systematic, neat and gives a wide options of formatting tools to be used
  • Number 6: Technology encourages students to seek information themselves and the roles of teaching and learning can be reversed sometimes because it attracts students to take the initiative to find answers to questions
  • Number 7: The weight of the books can be a lot more than many gadgets and you can carry more information in these objects, some of which can fit in your backpack. Even teachers can store assignments, study materials in their pen drives and save space
  • Number 8: The internet is an important part of technology and students can use it for researching their assignments, to get information about a particular topic and widen their knowledge but they must not become too dependent on it because plagiarism is looked down upon most institutes and they can be penalized for that
  • Number 9: Technology seems to be expensive but once you purchase the equipment it saves the cost as textbooks may cost more money nowadays but information is available almost free on the web
  • Number 10: The internet has also made the world a global village and children from all over the world can interact with each other through video conferencing and learn about each other’s culture which will lead to a more broad outlook

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