Title Examiner Education Requirements

A title is basically the legal document that verifies the ownership of a property. Various government houses, business establishments, law firms, bank authorities, real estate dealers and individual property owners would require knowing that whether a property is cleared to conduct the dealings like buying, selling or even mortgaging it.

Thus, a title examiner carries out the necessary investigation and analysis in order to present the selling status of a particular property. He would be required to compile all the legal information regarding the land in order to present a final reliable report in front of the employer.

Besides acquiring the degree course, the potential candidates would also be required to keep himself updated with the laws and regulations of the country regarding the properties in order to perform his job with complete efficiency.

Title examiner Education Requirements:

  • A high school diploma in any field
  • Certificate courses in subjects like law, business administration, banking, finance, real estate and math could be really helpful to enter the profession.
  • The candidate should be fluent in the real estate terms and language in order to deal with the various personnel during the employment period.

Title examiner Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

Though there is no specific course that would lead the candidates towards their aim of becoming a title examiner, the potential students can consider pursuing the following degree and certificate courses:

  • Diploma course in high school
  • A bachelor’s degree in any field from a certified college.
  • Certificate courses in math, banking, law, business or finance along with the graduation degree.
  • A comprehensive knowledge about the real estate terms.

Title examiner Qualification and Training:

A candidate having a diploma or graduation degree in any field could aim to become a title examiner. However, the one’s having experience of a year or two would be preferred by the employer. One needs to have great written as well as oral communication skills along with being highly organized regarding the work. The aspiring student would be required to have great researching skills and a wide knowledge about the current laws regarding the property matters.

Thus, before considering applying for the post of title examiner, it would be of great help to work as a title searcher and abstracter for a considerable period of two to four years in order to know the job requirements of a title examiner.

Title examiner Colleges and Universities:

Title examiner Wages and Salaries:

A title examiner can work either full-time for an employer or on the contractual basis, that is, per-title agreements and the salary would vary accordingly. Thus, a person in this profession can earn between $35,000 and $100,000, depending on his employment conditions.

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