Tips for Special Education Students

Teaching special students is more challenging than teaching any other type of students. Special educators require special skills to impart teaching. People entering this profession have to be equipped with some unique skills and knowledge so as to best educate these children.

Time management and organization

Keeping up with the paperwork as well as complying with time frames helps in providing the best knowledge to special children. Organizational tools like databases, spreadsheets, color graphs etc. can be used for tracking student progress. You can create a checklist for using before, after and during the individualized education program (IEP) meetings. You can also devise a calendar for tracking relevant deadlines.

Open communication

It’s better to ask questions for clarifying the duties and expectations instead of submitting inaccurate work. Imparting knowledge to special children calls for special skills and one can always seek the help of his immediate superior or administrator to guide him. The teaching exercise itself can sometimes be a bit frustrating and in such cases, a senior can be of big help. Besides, a mentor who was a veteran teacher and has experience in teaching special children could be of big help.

Classroom management and instructional strategies

Special educators could have to work under various educational environments. For instance, some would be partnering other teachers while others may have their own classrooms. They can also be asked to be resource teachers offering individualized attention to classroom students. Special educators need to start by familiarizing with the curricula, resources and materials etc. Attending workshops and seminars on educating special children also helps.

Professional development

Seek out the professional development and training opportunities that are offered by the employer. New techniques of special education are being evolved and a teacher would have to keep himself abreast of these techniques. Training on children behavioral management techniques and specific instructional strategies also helps.

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