Tips for Primary Education Interview

The interview process for any position could be daunting and an interview for primary teaching position could be a very intimidating experience if you’re unaware of what to expect. Nevertheless, if the applicant is able to know beforehand what could be asked in the interview and is prepared and confident the interview could pass off well.


Like any other interview, you must come professionally dressed and on time. Carry your portfolio hat must include your resume, recommendation letters, certificates, transcripts, lesson plans etc. The first impression is very important. You could be asked to give a demo lesson. So be prepared for that.

Key points

During the interview you could be asked to discuss some of the pertinent skills needed for primary teaching like classroom planning and management, differentiating information etc. An aspiring primary teacher must have daily routine to adhere to. You may be asked in the interview about how you can utilize the whole day when a class is entrusted to you.

Differentiated instructions i.e. teaching the children as per their learning styles and needs may need to be addressed during the interview. The knowledge o differentiated instructions and management style often becomes a deciding factor in selecting the candidate for the particular primary teacher position.

Frequently asked questions

Following are some of the common questions that could be asked to you during a primary teacher interview

  • What is your opinion about team teaching
  • What do you think is your greatest strength
  • What do you think is your biggest drawback
  • What would be your answer is if you’re asked to describe the physical appearance of your classroom.
  • What are the reasons for you wanting to join the school district
  • How do you expect to handle discipline inside the classroom
  • What does a successful principal means to you

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