Tips for Education on Resume

The education section is usually the most straightforward section to write in a resume. In most of the cases, people can write it sans any help. There are however some points that need to be taken care of while writing this section. Following are some important tips that could decide you about what to include.

  • List your highest education level achieved first and then state the remaining qualifications in reverse chronological order, ending with high school. It’s advisable not to include high school information if you’ve earned a higher degree.
  • Mention your GPA, only when the same is higher than 3.0 and it has been less than three years since you have graduated. But include this information when the employer specifically asks for it.
  • If you’ve graduated within the last three years, it’s usually inappropriate to mention about the academic honors or co-curricular roles. One you’ve attained some years of experience, you can exclude the school-related activities from the resume.
  • In case you have attended college but didn’t graduate, you can include the dates you attended, you major subject, the number of credits that you have earned towards your degree etc. List high school achievements after the college information.
  • If you have attended high school but didn’t graduate, just mention the number of years you have attended the school. If you earned a GED later, mention that above high school listing and also indicate the date.
  • If you have got a license to trade just after you left high school and if that’s related to the job you want to pursue, put it above high school listing in the education section or create a separate licensing section (or similar) for the purpose.
  • You can eliminate the graduation dates if you’re over 40 or 45 so as to not reveal your current age.

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