Tips For Education Interviews

Education refers to a field where one learns the various techniques and principles of teaching which will help him improve his skills and give knowledge about different aspects related to lesson planning and imparting education. Teachers are thus one of the most important parts of our society because they shape the citizens of tomorrow.

But in spite of that, they are finding it difficult to get jobs because of the slow economy, fund cuts etc which makes it all the more important to make a good impression at the interview for jobs related to the field of education. Here are a few tips that one can follow to increase their chance of getting a job as a teacher:

  • Research: Do your research well when you apply in a school by going through their website or reading about them in the papers so that you know what they are expecting from you
  • Cover letter: Based on what you find out, write a cover letter along with your resume giving them an idea of your vision of teaching that will create a better impression on the interviewers
  • Preparation: You should know what areas they might ask you questions about; like curricular lessons, classroom and lesson planning, student behavioral psychology, your teaching philosophy etc
  • Presentation: A teacher must be well-groomed and set an example to students and so you must make sure that you wear neat and clean clothes and look presentable when you go for the interview
  • Confidence: You should not appear as nervous of anxious because a teacher has to have strong leadership qualities and must have a dynamic personality. Be traditional, calm and yet assertive so that it seems like you can handle the students
  • Follow up: It is always considered polite to do a follow up and you can send a brief thank you letter to the authorities after the interview

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