Theatrical Makeup Artist Education Requirements

Theatrical makeup artists are those in charge of beauty services specifically for the theatre and performing artists. There is generally no need for any specific educational degree but one must at least have some training in theatre makeup.

Theatrical Makeup Artist Education Requirements

  • The artist must at least complete high school in order to practice in this field. There are no other mandatory educational requirements for makeup artists.
  • There are training programs which one can opt for in order to gain knowledge about the way the theatrical makeup is relevant on stage.
  • There are general cosmetology programs which the artist can take up for understanding the range of makeup products.
  • There are associate degree programs which deal with nail care, skin care, haircutting and much more which can be applied in any related field.
  • The artist must also adhere to licensing exams and continuing education program to be an approved makeup artist.
  • Esthetician associate degree programs, which allows the candidate to understand the necessary skills required for makeup application such as tweezing, skin care, facials etc, can also be taken up.
  • There are also bachelor degrees in cosmetology that may be required for those working under big theatre banners. This deals with basic make up application, remedy makeup and special effects make up.
  • High School Diploma.
  • Associate degree program in Cosmetology.
  • Esthetician Associate degree.
  • Bachelor Degree in Cosmetology.

Theatrical Makeup Artist Degrees, Courses and Certification:

Theatrical Makeup Artist Qualification and Training

This is crucial since most makeup artist rely on their training which helps them in understanding the crucial tricks of the trade. Such training programs are easily available and offer hands-on experience with makeup institutes.

Theatrical Makeup Artist Colleges and Universities

Theatrical makeup Artist Wages and Salaries

The average income of a theatre makeup artist is around $55,670.

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