Theater Lighting Manager Education and Job Requirements

Theater Lighting Manager Requirements

The job of a theatre lighting manager chiefly includes managing the lighting during the event of a show. He/she either works as a freelancer or for a performing artists’ group. The person looks after the lighting equipments and keeps a tab on their performance quality. He/she also takes precautionary safety measures while they are installed and used. The details of the education and job requirements of a theatre lighting manager are given in the following points.

Education requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering with first class honors degree.
  • A diploma in theater management from an accredited institute is desirable.
  • Certified training in using lighting equipments is a big plus

Job requirements:

  • Having expertise in coordinating the technical crew members and the lighting equipments.
  • Ensuring the safety measures being taken in regards to the cables of the machines.
  • Designing and organizing the lighting sequences and patterns of the shows.
  • He/she must supervise the proper lighting techniques being implemented at the time of rehearsals.
  • Flawlessly managing the installation of the lighting equipments.
  • Taking charge of the maintenance of the equipments.
  • Applying innovative ideas in matters of special lighting, when required.

These points are good enough to focus on the right candidate for the job.

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