Theater Director Education and Job Requirements

Theater Director Requirements

A theater director’s job initially involves selection of a good scripts and a detailed qualitative study of it. He/she has the responsibilities of choosing the cast for the theater and assigning them roles, simultaneously interpreting them the essence of the characters they would be playing. The other details of the theater, like costumes, lights, stage etc are seen by the director and improvised by his/her creative inputs. A theater director either works as a freelancer or is associated with a performing artists’ group. The points below would tell more about education and job requirements for becoming a theater director.

Education requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in performing arts with specialization in theater direction.
  • A master’s degree in performing arts works highly in favor of the applicant.
  • Certified training in various genres of theatre schools is a big plus.

Job requirements:

  • Having excellent communication skills to coordinate with the actors and supporting staffs.
  • Giving stress on innovative directorial techniques in the rehearsals.
  • Able to gauge and improve the performance of the artists.
  • Managing the details of the music scores, costumes, props, stage and lighting.
  • Be able to amalgamate the knowledge of various genres of theater.

The above points are helpful to focus on the correct person for the job.

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