Textile Designer Education Requirements

Textile designers are those individuals who have interest in dealing with fabrics and have flair for designing. Therefore, a formal education relevant to the work process is highly required for understanding the latest trend of fashion in the market and planning design work accordingly.

Textile designing is a specialized field of fashion and art designing; therefore, an aspiring candidate could acquire knowledge through bachelor’s or associate degree in textile designing or on related subject. On job experiences is also required to build creativity skills of an individual aspiring for a career of textile designer and to have abilities in delivering work within the stipulated deadlines.

Textile Designer Education Requirement

  • A graduation degree in textile designing or fashion technology helps in developing the skills of weaving, knitting and designing various textiles.
  • It is very difficult to earn self proclamation in this field in the initial stages; therefore, an aspiring candidate can acquire knowledge and on job experiences by working under seasoned and professional designers to learn the knitty-gritty of the work.
  • The candidate must have the proficiency in handling computer aided software required for the purpose of designing. Therefore a certification, achieved through course, in handling such software is useful in textile designing and could be an effective resumal point for a candidate.

Textile Designer Education Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Textile designer should possess the following indispensable degrees and certifications for having a steady career progression.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Technology or Textile technology and design or Textile science and Engineering
  • Bachelor’s degree in Textile design program
  • Diploma courses in textile design and art
  • Certification in  Computer aided courses dealing with designing work
  • Training Certification on intern or trainee under seasoned industrial designer.

Textile Designer Qualifications and Trainings

Post graduation courses on textile engineering or fashion merchandising can provide added qualification to a textile designer’s resume. However, this field requires extensive expertise which could only be achieved through on job training programs on textile and fabric design.

Textile Designer Colleges and Universities

Textile Designer Wages and Salary

The salary of a textile designer varies along with the organization and position. Nevertheless, it varies between $25,000 – $51,000 per annum.

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