Team Leader Call Center Education Requirements

The role of a call center team leader is very challenging and that of supervisory nature. The candidates are expected to have at least a bachelor’s degree in call center management while a master’s degree in call center management is highly preferred. The candidates that have a post graduate diploma in business management with specialization in sales or marketing are considered most suitable for the call center team leader position. Apart from these the candidates are expected to have very good customer relations and communication skills to get better career prospects.

Team Leader Call Center Education Requirements

  • Candidate should have a minimum of bachelor’s degree in any stream.
  • Degree in Business Administration.
  • Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Team Leader Call Center Degrees, Courses and Certifications

  • Associate’s degree in call center management.
  • The Associate in Applied Science with specialization in call center management.
  • Call center management certification.
  • Master’s degree in marketing management.
  • Master’s degree in customer service operations.
  • Certification in latest computer technology
  • Any advanced course in office or call center management will be an added advantage.
  • Training in call center operations management
  • Certification in call center training.

Team Leader Call Center Qualifications and training

The higher the qualifications the better prospects the call center team leader will have with employment. The necessary qualifications entail the candidate to be excellent with customer service and inter-personal skills. Apart from this the candidate should be able to handle a large team of call center executives efficiently and motivate them to increase productivity even in arduous working conditions. The candidates should also have good physical stamina to bear the odd work timings that most of the call centers have. Along with qualifications and skills sets, training also proves to be very helpful for an individual to properly handle all the work at the position of a call centre team leader.

Team Leader Call Center Colleges and Universities

Team Leader Call Center Wages and Salary

The salary of a team leader call center varies between $56,000 to anywhere about $70,000 per annum based on the educational background and prior managerial experience in a call center.

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