Teaching College Requirements

Teaching is considered to be a very noble profession as a teacher is the one who create the successful professionals by giving them the elementary education at the very basic level. To become a teacher one has to possess certain skills to be able to teach the students. Along with the skills, there are certain pre requisites to become a teacher and to get admission in a teaching college. A teachers college sets out the standards for teaching practice and provides the ongoing training to the teachers. To enter a teachers college a candidate is required to fulfill the requisites called as teachers college requirements. Following are the teaching college requirements:

  • The candidates looking forward to become teachers are required to complete their high school or GED with excellent marks.
  • After completing the high school, these candidates can enroll for bachelor degree in the subject that they want to teach. Candidates are required to opt the subject of their choice as the major and education as the subject should also be in the coursework of bachelor’s degree.
  • Although all the teaching colleges do not mandate the requirement of master’s degree, but these days some teaching colleges require candidates to possess master’s degree in arts. Hence candidates can enroll for MAT (Masters of Arts in Teaching) to become eligible for the teaching college.
  • After completing the academic education requirement, these candidates are also required to go for hands on training as internship, or as a general practical exposure to have interaction with the students.
  • The candidates who have attended some sort of challenging classes or teachers certification are given preference for admittance in the teaching college. Challenging classes can include honor programs, advanced placement courses etc.
  • The candidates who possess certain hands on training experience in teaching through internships or voluntary teaching programs are also given priority over the candidates who do not hold any such experience. But it is not a mandatory requirement and admission in the college depends on many factors like academic qualifications, academic achievements, grades, skills possessed etc.
  • The candidates who have applied for admission in a teaching college are required to possess certain skills like excellent interpersonal skills, rapport building skills with students, understanding of pedagogy and child psychology, ability to influence children and ability to motivate students towards the right direction.
  • The individuals also need to pass a general medical fitness test in order to apply for admission.

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