Taxi Driver Education and Job Requirements

Taxi Driver Requirements

A taxi driver is an individual who drives a taxi and takes travelers from one place to another in a city on a certain fee which is recorded in a taxi meter. He can be a registered driver who either drives his own taxi or a taxi owned by someone else. Taxi drivers are also known as cab drivers.

Educational Requirements:

  • Though there is no specific educational degree required to become a taxi driver but a candidate with a high school degree or a graduate degree will always be preferred.
  • The candidate should have a proper driving license.
  • The candidate should have knowledge about the local language where he is operating his taxi.

Job Requirements:

  • A taxi driver should have complete knowledge about all the roads in the city in which he is driving his taxi.
  • He should be aware about the operations of the taxi meter and the current fare rate.
  • Basic mathematical skills are helpful as he has to keep the count of the total fare he has earned on a certain day.
  • It is very necessary for a taxi driver to be honest so that he does not take unnecessary long routes for travelers.
  • A good communication skill is also necessary.
  • He should be we aware about the functioning of the taxi and should be capable of dealing with emergency situations.

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