Tax specialist Education Requirements

Tax specialists are those individuals or professionals who have in depth knowledge of tax related issues and give advice and suggestions to clients as far as tax related matters are concerned.  These professionals are trained to assist their clients in preparing income tax returns.  Tax specialists must possess exceptional observational skills, accounting skills and research abilities. These individuals are generally hired by companies or small business owners to help them out with tax related matters or may even work on freelance basis.

Those interested in this field of work must pursue studies or education in a subject related to accounts or taxation.  Some jobs or states require a certain special certificate or license too from those interested in working as tax specialists. The following are the various education requirements for those who wish to pursue this as their career:

Tax specialist Education Requirements

  • Any individual who is interested in becoming a tax specialist must first complete high school education and obtain a high school certificate from a recognized school.
  • After schooling, either a bachelor’s level degree in accountancy or business may be required or in some cases, even an associate degree of 2 years may suffice.
  • Those with master’s degree in accountancy with a focus on taxation stand better chances of grabbing higher level positions.

Tax specialist Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Tax specialists need to acquire the following given degrees, courses, certifications and licenses to practice this as a profession:

  • High school diploma from an accredited state school.
  • 3 year bachelor’s degree in accountancy or a related subject or an associate degree of 2 years is a mandatory requirement.
  • Master’s degree or program in Accountancy or taxation is also preferred, though it is not mandatory requirement.
  • One can also sit for a Certified Public Accountant exam after completing graduation.

Tax specialist Qualification and Training

Those who have completed graduation or associate program are eligible to sit for several certification and training courses. These certifications help the candidate in improving his/her knowledge, experience and skills of taxation and help them to understand income tax and other taxes in a much better way. Candidates can also take training under an experienced tax specialist after completing education.

Tax specialist Colleges and Universities

Tax specialist Wages and Salaries

On an average, a tax specialist can expect to earn an annual median salary of $52000. The exact figure can vary from one candidate to another depending upon years of experience in the field and work opportunities.

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