Tax Manager Education

Tax manager education requirement should focus on building capabilities and providing the skill sets and knowledge required to handle different types of accounting functions in an enterprise or organizational environment. Some of the important areas that tax manager education should focus on include tax planning, tax compliance, management and financial accounting, cost accounting, business ethics and laws, economics, international business, public accounting, and strategic management among others. The objective is to build strong and fundamental of accounting and finance so that an aspiring tax manager can pursue their career with ease.

There are several educational options available like you can opt for a bachelor’s degree in accounting or in finance and then follow it up with job experience. Alternatively, you can also complete a master’s degree in accounting or finance after under-graduation and then directly apply for the position of a tax manager.

Tax Manager Education Requirements:

  • The basic educational requirement to become a tax manager is a high school diploma.
  • You need to apply for an undergraduate degree in accountancy or finance. There are several top colleges or universities in the US that offer Bachelors of Accounting programs.
  • You can also enroll for master’s degree in finance or accountancy. It is important to choose a college that conducts job placements or interviews. Internship programs play an important role in adding more value to you CV.

Tax Manager Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

You can pursue a career as a tax manager after completing the required education. The following educational qualifications are necessary:

  • High school diploma
  • Bachelor’s of Accounting
  • Masters of Finance or Finance Management
  • Internship with any firm handling tax and accounting functions

Tax Manager Qualification and Training:

When pursuing a career as a tax manager, you will receive most of your knowledge through the under graduate and post graduate courses. The undergraduate program is a 3 years course where you can learn about different aspects of finance, accounting and taxation. Apart from strengthening you skills in mathematics, these courses have been designed to introduce you to accounting problems and related solutions.

Tax Manager Colleges and Universities:

Tax Manager Wages and Salaries:

The average salary of a tax manager in the US varies from $78,086 to $134,014 annually while the median expected salary is $103,634. The average salary of a senior tax manager in the US can vary from $141,420 to $161,043 and dependent on the organization that you are working with.

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