Tax Lawyer Education Requirements

A tax lawyer is an individual whose job responsibility is to help individuals and companies to resolve or solve their tax related problems and issues.  These individuals have their educational backgrounds in the fields related to taxation, accountancy, finance etc. Tax lawyers need to complete a set of educational requirements so as to apply for this job position in a company or organization.

For example, it is mandatory for them to have completed a bachelor’s degree program in either law or a related field such as economics, finance, taxation etc. In fact a tax lawyer may also be required to complete some training or certificate course so as to be able to handle the responsibilities related to the job. Given below are a few detailed education requirements of a tax lawyer which can be used for reference purpose.

Tax Lawyer Education Requirements:

The following are the education requirements of a tax lawyer:

  • A candidate looking for a tax lawyer’s job must pass high school with acceptable grades from an accredited school
  • A bachelor’s degree in law or a related field such as economics, accountancy or finance is compulsory
  • One may complete JD (Juris doctor) degree from a law school so as to earn the job of a tax lawyer.
  • Master’s degree in laws of taxation (LL.M.) which is a 1 year course may help an individual to be a preferred choice for the job, though this is not a mandatory requirement.

Tax Lawyer Degrees, Courses And Certificates:

  • High school diploma in any field, preferably Commerce.
  • Bachelor’s degree in law, taxation, accountancy, finance or economics
  • Master’s degree in LL.M or any other diploma course so as to gain an insight into the tax lawyer’s job may also be a prerequisite.
  • To obtain licensure, lawyers have to pass a written bar examination which is held by the state.
  • Degree as a Juris Doctor from law school is optional.

Tax Lawyer Training And Qualifications:

To gain additional experience after completing the degree programs, one may need to do summer internship or training in the field of law under a corporate lawyer or a tax lawyer. One can take up specialized courses covering a range of topics such as business taxation, income taxes etc. Such training and courses can be quite helpful for as aspiring tax lawyers.

Tax Lawyer Colleges And Universities

Tax Lawyer Wages And Salaries:

The average median salary of a tax lawyer is about $1,00,000. This amount may vary from one state or country to another.

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