Tax Consultant Education Requirements

A tax consultant is an expert who provides various tax related advices or solutions to the organization or individuals for preparing tax returns and filing the same. Such an individual requires formal and advanced education so as to deliver high performance in the field which is packed with legalities. Aligned with the education, certification from vocational courses and trainings helps the concern person to understand government rules and regulations regarding tax filing and returns.

To become a successful tax consultant, the individual must have a thorough knowledge of various tax policies in order to suggest the best solutions and for understanding it in details, a basic education of commerce background is required.

Tax Consultant Education Requirements

  • A tax consultant must be a graduate with commerce background or of related field so that he possesses a flair for counting and excellent analytical skills
  • A post graduation degree in commerce is highly desirable as it increases the ability of a candidate to understand various tax policies along with handling financial records of credits and deductions.
  • There isn’t any fixed certification courses for a tax consultant. However, there are various institutes who offer courses and certifications on income tax.
  • Certification courses on tax consultancy must be achieved so as to deliver strategic solutions for various tax related issues.

Tax Consultant Degrees, Courses and Certifications

A tax consultant must possess the following educational degrees and training certifications so as to pursue a career in a repute organization.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Commerce or Accountancy
  • Masters degree in Commerce
  • Master’s degree in business administration-Finance
  • Certification courses in income tax – which provides knowledge on Direct tax, indirect tax, tax policies etc
  • Certification on assisting tax consultant professional or on-job training
  • Certification on computer courses like MS office and internet functioning

Tax Consultant Qualifications and Trainings

The extensive education and on-job experiences in handling various tax related issues add qualification to a person’s resume. Moreover, trainings on tax consultancy help an individual to understand how to deal with clients regarding tax related issues.

Tax Consultant Colleges and Universities

Tax Consultant Wages and Salaries

The salary of a tax consultant generally varies within a range of $25000 to $35000 per annum.

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