Tax Collector Education Requirements

The tax collector is one who works for government institutions wherein he or she is responsible for ensuring that the taxes are collected from businesses and individuals on time. This sort of work requires the professional to investigate as well as provide service to the consumer representatives.

The tax collectors also help in taking care of the delinquent tax filers wherein individuals look for gaining what is owed to them by the government. This work can be overwhelming and requires someone who is tough and can handle pressure in the most adverse of situations. Hence, for a job like this, it becomes necessary to have at least a bachelor’s degree. Employers look for professional experience in this field but one must have minimum educational requirements as well, prior going for professional exposure.

These professionals are also called Revenue Officers. The job consists of collecting money that is owed to the government and ensuring that the tax returns are filed on time. There is a need to check background of all who have delayed payment. The job has three levels- state, local and federal.

Tax Collector Education Requirements

In order to be hired as a tax collector one must have the following qualifications:

  • He has to have a bachelor’s degree from any accredited university or college. This can be in accounting, business or any subject related to science. A bachelor of science in finance is preferable.
  • One can also opt for masters of Science in tax accounting or business administration. These courses take two to four years to complete. There might be additional years which will include workshops, internships and other course work.

Tax Collector Degrees, Courses and Certification

  • Bachelor of Science in Finance, Accounting and Business Management
  • Master of Science in Business Administration and Tax Accounting
  • Certification in Marketing, Accounting, Ledger-Making

Tax Collector Qualifications and Training

The individual must have enormous amount of patience and persistence in order to address individuals and businesses to pay the unpaid taxes. Training helps in gaining the apt communication skills which will allow them to talk to people concerned. The training also helps in gaining investigation techniques and the required computer experience.

Tax Collector Colleges and Universities

Tax Collector Wages and Salaries

The tax collector gets about $48,100 per annum. This is subject to increase by 2% from 2016 as per the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. Federal agencies pay slightly more- $56,300 per annum.

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