Tax Agent Education Requirements

Tax Agents are required to set the returns of income for the taxpayers. They also need to collect taxes from business personnel as well as those employed in a company. Apart from this they are required to maintain various tax reports. It is essential for a tax agent to study about the latest in the industry and work accordingly. A tax agent must also ensure that he works as per the law and the policies set by his organization. They are involved in a number of other tasks and it is essential to acquire relevant education in order to perform these.

Tax Agents may be self employed, handling different clients or might be working for a firm and serving the clients associated with that particular firm. The tax agent education makes the candidate well verse with all the responsibilities of the job post.

Tax Agent Education Requirements

  • A Tax Agent must possess a degree in accountancy and taxation. A Bachelor’s Degree in this field is required in order to get into this position.
  • Master’s Degree in accountancy and taxation is an added advantage. Those with a Master’s Degree in this field stand a better chance to grab a job as well as excel in this field.
  • Apart from having the relevant educational qualification, one must also stay updated with the latest in this field in order to stay ahead of his/ her peers.
  • One may also attend courses on Taxation in order to enhance his/ her knowledge. This is also helpful for a person’s professional growth in this field.

Tax Agent Education Degrees, Courses and Certifications

  • High School Diploma with good grades
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy
  • Master’s Degree in Accountancy

Tax Agent Education Qualifications and Training

A Tax Agent is required to have a degree in accounting. He must be thorough with all the accounting policies and procedures in order to carry out the tasks well. To become a registered tax agent one must satisfy all the requirements as per the Tax Agent Services Regulation. A candidate aspiring to get into this position must also undergo training programs specially designed for the tax agents. Most employers also provide on-the-job training to the candidates joining at this position so that they understand the nature of job and are able to perform their duties appropriately.

Tax Agent Education Colleges and Universities

Tax Agent Education Wages and Salary

The average annual salary of a Tax Agent is around $50,000. The salary varies depending upon the employer, city and state.

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