Tailor Education Requirements

A tailor is a professional who is responsible for designing clothes for both men and women. Previously tailors only designed and altered clothes for men but now many choose to design clothes for women also. To be a professional tailor one need some basic idea about sewing and fabric.

To be a professional one must have some creativeness in their work. One should design the clothes in such a way that the customers look best in them. This will help the tailor to get established in the field.

With the rise of e-commerce, tailors can now sell their clothing online.

Tailor Education Requirements

  • A candidate who wants to be a professional tailor needs to know basic skills of sewing as per stated by U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • A candidate may also do some undergraduate course in fashion design or sewing skills if he/she wants to become a professional.
  • A candidate can also join some training programs classes where they teach latest skills and techniques as per the requirement of business industry.
  • Apart from these one can also learn computer –aided design (CAD).

Tailor Degrees, Courses and Certificates

A candidate must consider these following degrees, courses and certification if he/she wants to become a professional.

  • High school diploma
  • Bachelor in fashion design, merchandising, fashion marketing, costume design, fashion retailing etc.
  • Associate in fashion design, merchandising.
  • Diploma in computer related courses like CAD, etc.

Tailor Qualification and Training

Apart from the formal education, in hand training is also important. This prepares the candidate for the job on tailoring. These training programs help the candidate to acquire skills and techniques and make them able to face challenges in their professional field.

A tailor can also take training in pattern-making skills as this skill occupies a large segment in this profession. Here the candidate has to understand various types and cuts and clothing design which are used by the clients. Keeping these in mind they can use their own cuts and design for their clients.

Apart from these the candidate may also get himself associated in some dry cleaning shops for doing alteration in clothes or get job in some departmental stores.

Tailor Colleges and Universities

Tailor Wages and Salaries

In 2010 hourly salary for tailors was $12.77. This shows that the tailors do not earn enough. However if a tailor do some business in clothing or clothes related, then he can earn more.

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