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A system administrator is responsible for the computers administration work in an organization and helps the staff in their computer related tasks. The education for these candidates should be focused on imparting them computer education specially related with hardware and system administration. These professionals are required for user & group administration through computers, to design various policies for segregation of data and employees in different departments, assigning access rights to people depending on their requirement and for designing security policies for computers.

The education programs for these candidates should include a combination of classroom study and practical lab exercises to prepare them well for their job responsibilities.

System administrator Education Requirements:

  • A prospective system administrator must pass high school diploma preferably with science or mathematics as the major subjects.
  • These candidates can then enroll for technical education through bachelors or master’s degrees in technology and computer science.
  • These candidates must also go for additional courses in system administration organized by Microsoft, CompTia, RedHat etc.
  • These candidates must also possess good communication and interpersonal skills.

System administrator Education Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

One can consider following degrees and certifications to become a suitable and deserving candidate for the job of a system administrator:

  • High school diploma
  • Bachelor’s degree in technology with computer science as the specialization, or bachelors of computer applications
  • Master’s degree in technology with computer science as the specialization, Master’s of computer applications, Masters of science in computers
  • Short term courses and their respective certifications – Microsoft certified system administrator (MCSE). Microsoft certified Information Technology professional (MCITP), Comptia A+, CompTIA Server+, CompTIA Security+, Redhat certified engineer (RHCE) or similar courses.

System administrator Education Qualification and Training:

These candidates must acquire relevant skills by participating in practical hands-on training organized by their institutions as part of their education curriculum. These industrial training programs prepare candidates for their jobs and challenges that they may face at their workplace.

Students also learn about how to apply the learned concepts practically.

Along with these training programs, students must also go for formal certification based training programs offered by Microsoft, red hat etc. to learn the core practical knowledge which will be very beneficial for them. Some companies even have policies to hire only certified candidates.

System administrator Education Colleges and Universities:

System administrator Education Wages and Salaries:

The system administrators earn quite handsome salaries varying between the range of $40,000 – $85,000 depending on their qualifications and experience.

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