Switchboard Operator Education Requirements

The role of a switchboard operator is more of a technical oriented one. The candidate should be qualified to handle the technical aspects of telecommunication industry. Any additional qualifications in the fields of network technology, wireless technology management are an added advantage.

Any training as a computer operator will be an added advantage to get selected as a switchboard operator. The candidates that possess a diploma in telecom study will be given the highest preference while choosing candidates for the said position. The candidates are required to have no imparity with their eye sight or hearing to be qualified for the post of a switchboard operator.

Switchboard Operator Education Requirements

The educational requirements to work at the post of a switchboard operator are as follows:

  • Post secondary education in any stream is mandatory to be selected.
  • The candidates that have a basic course certification in telecommunications will be preferred.
  • Candidates having diploma course certification in hardware will be preferred.
  • The candidates that possess certification in networking solutions will be highly preferred.
  • A bachelor’s degree in communications or mass media will also be considered suitable for the position of a switchboard operator.

Switchboard Operator Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Following is the list of degreed, certifications and courses that will help an individual to perform his duties efficiently at the post of a switchboard operator.

  • Post graduation in electronics and instrumentation.
  • Post graduation in telecommunications.
  • Associates degree in wireless communications.
  • Diploma in telecommunication technician program.
  • Post graduate degree in network security management.
  • SAP certification.

Switchboard Operator Qualifications and training

The switchboard operators have to be technically qualified to handle and resolve any problem that may arise while using the telecom switchboard. Hence the additional qualifications they acquire with regard to wireless technology, telecommunications and telecom hardware networking will prove to be beneficial. The candidates that are able to handle the switchboard independently even where there are some technical issues will give better pay. The candidates should also be willing to work in shifts as most of the call centers work round the clock. Training in the related field will surely prove to be an added advantage.

Switchboard Operator Colleges and Universities

Switchboard Operator Wages and Salary

The salary of a switchboard operator varies from $52,000 to $75,000 per annum. The more technically qualified the operators are the better career growth and higher salary can be expected.

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