Swimmer Education and Job Requirements

Swimmer Requirements

Swimming is a very challenging and interesting recreational sport which requires lot of stamina and strength. As a swimmer one needs to be mentally alert and physically fit. One needs to be extremely passionate about swimming if he wants to pursue this as a career and wants to become a great swimmer like Jenny Finch. A swimmer or somebody who is willing to become a swimmer can start it at an early stage and should gradually reach up to national and international level by constant practice and perseverance. A swimmer must be aware about all new techniques used in swimming and pitching to gain success in this sport.

Educational Requirements

  • Training in swimming along with physical fitness training from a renowned organization or club.
  • Swimming medals at different levels like school level, college level, state level etc.
  • Must have training and knowledge about different techniques used in swimming.
  • Red Cross certification can be obtained.
  • Candidate can have passed the advanced Lifesaving and Water Safety exams along with some first aid courses used in swimming.

Job Requirements

  • The applicant must have good knowledge about swimming and general fitness and experience of playing at all levels, including community, school, and club teams. .
  • The applicant must be able to face severe competition, long hours of practice and they must be willing to travel as and when needed.
  • Candidate must be capable to perform best even under the hardest pressure.
  • Swimming experience of a state and national level can be added advantage.
  • Candidate must be hard working with lot of patience and focused approach towards reaching his goals.

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