SWAT Training Requirements

SWAT training requirements deals with specific team work that is coordinated with the police, state and federal agencies in order to maintain law and peace during high pressure criminal activity. The Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) is an important extension of the police department and hence, people training for this field should mentally and physically be prepared for the different adverse situations such as riot control, hostage situations, drug raids, public suicide attempts, terrorism countering etc. There will also be specialized training in weapon use and tactical and strategy expertise. The individual should also pass specific physical examinations before qualifying for SWAT training.

What are the different SWAT training requirements?

  • Physical Training Requirement: The SWAT team is supposed to be in perfect physical shape in order to go through different high tension situations. This will include exercises like climbing, swimming, hiking and running along with other specific gym training. Smokers will be taught to permanently quit the habit.
  • Mental Training Requirements: Since this field deals with different high pressure situations, it is important that the individual goes through intellectual, meditational and motivational training in order to handle any kind of adverse or life threatening situation.
  • Stability training: This is one of the essential qualities that are looked for in a SWAT team member. This training is provided besides the mental training in order to help the individual remain calm despite of the circumstances. The slightest mistakes can lead to the loss of one or many lives.
  • Firearm Training: This is most important since different weapons need to be handled in this field. There will be specific laws for using specific firearms and handling them in specific situations only. The candidate will be exposed to situations wherein he will be trained to fire only when the situation demands it.

What are the other general training requirements for SWAT?

  • Background Requirement: A detailed background investigation is to be carried forth before the individual qualifies for the training.
  • Experience: Training helps the individual acquire the experience required. This should involve learning about the specific laws and regulations, police procedures pertaining to the state. This is as important as handling weapons.
  • Oral and written requirements: Examinations need to be given by a SWAT team trainee. This will test the knowledge of the individuals in different types of regulations, protocol and procedures. Interview training will also be provided for this purpose.

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