Substance Abuse Program Coordinator Education and Job Requirements

Substance Abuse Program Coordinator Requirements

The job of a substance abuse program coordinator involves a range of responsibilities. He/she needs to check for the incidence of bad habit among the victim about using a particular substance. The consulting techniques are applied by the professional on a case by case method. For instance, a person addicted to smoking must be treated with separate strategies than the one addicted to alcohol. The addiction to drugs is yet another complicated case that requires special focus on part of the substance abuse program coordinator.  The person either works as an official in a private medical center or rehabilitation center or is a government medical employee. He/she tends to provide psychological support to the clients/victims by recommending pertinent therapeutic remedial measures. The details that are written below would indicate some points about the education and job requirements for this particular post that may be helpful to the recruiter.

Education requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in psychology or social work with first class grades from a good college.
  • A master’s degree in psychology or social work with first class grades from an esteemed university.
  • Certified training in management modules related to the coordination of substance abuse cases would work in favor of the candidate.

Job requirements:

  • A minimum experience of 4 years in a reputed organization as an official.
  • Should possess excellent communication skills in order to make the coordination sessions more interesting.
  • Must be able to provide strategized and scientific solutions to the different cases of substance abuse.
  • Should play a supervisory role at times of documentation of the case details.

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