Substance Abuse Counselor Education and Job Requirements

Substance Abuse Counselor Requirements

A substance abuse counselor gives advices to the clients or to the patients on getting de-addicted from the usage of abusive substances such as cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. The people of various age brackets, especially the college students are often the victims of various kinds of substance abuse. The counselor, in this regards, has the chief objective of reducing the incidence of intake of that substance through a gradual course of interactive sessions. It is often needed to consult the guardians of the victim so that the family members may know the progress of their wards in such complex situations. The focus is to provide ample mental support to the victim and help him/her get rid of the bad habit. The detailed points as mentioned below would tell more about the education and job requirements for this specific post.

Education requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in psychology or sociology with high grades from a reputed college is compulsory.
  • A master’s degree in psychology with first class grades from an esteemed university is highly sought.
  • Certified training in substance abuse related counseling sessions is a big plus.

Job requirements:

  • A minimum experience of 4 years in a reputed public or privately run accredited institute.
  • Should have excellent knowledge of psychological techniques to moderate the mentality of the victim in case of substance abuse.
  • Must be very innovative in approach while suggesting for the pertinent remedial measures.
  • Should possess very good skills of documentation.
  • Must make thorough qualitative analysis of the patients on a continuous basis.
  • The candidate should have excellent communication and inter personal skills.

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