Student Counselor Education and Job Requirements

Student Counselor Requirements

The role of a student counselor is very vital in determining the future of the student. He has the prime responsibility of developing, planning and arranging for successful on-Campus recruitment drive in the college. He should provide free educational advice to students and maintain a harmonious relationship with different professional organization. Competition in this field is very high, as rival colleges will always try to catch the attention of the professional organization. In order to succeed in this role a candidate should be smart, intelligent and a good promoter and advertiser of his institution.

Student Counselor Educational Requirements:

  • Candidate should have bachelors or masters degree in any discipline.
  • Candidate should have a valid teaching certificate from a reputed university
  • Candidate should have the required counselors training certificate
  • Candidates with previous experience will be given special preferences.

Student Counselor Job Requirements:

  • Applicant should have a strong sense of commitment towards their job
  • Applicant should have a very pleasing and friendly personality
  • Applicant should be having good communication skills and should be able to communicate properly with students, parents and also with the representatives of the respective governments.
  • Applicant should be willing to work for long hours with a ‘go getter” kind of personality.

A pleasing personality and a confident attitude is very important in attaining success in this field

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