Student Advisor’s Education and Job Requirements

Student Advisor’s Requirements

Student advisor is a person who is responsible for guiding the students regarding various academic degrees and career courses. Though the primary job of an advisor relates to the academic boundaries, yet the advisor at times also helps a student to solve many personal problems. In order to achieve this objective, he counsels the students and helps him to find his true objective and assists him with all types of required information. The role of a student’s advisor is very tough and requires great patience and perseverance in order to provide complete 360 degree assistance on all aspects of life.

Student Advisor’s  Educational Requirements

  • Candidate should have bachelor’s degree from any renowned institution
  • Candidates should have a masters or a diploma course in career management or social services.
  • Candidates with previous experience as a counselor will be given special preference.

Student Advisor’s Job Requirements

  • Applicant should be a good listener and should have sympathy and total understanding for the wishes and aspirations of the student
  • Applicant should have adequate knowledge about the different branches of studies, so that he can guide the student s according to their wishes and desires.
  • Applicant should have knowledge about the company expectations from a candidate and train them adequately
  • Applicant should have good interpersonal skills whereby he can establish and maintain good relations, not only with the students and their parents, but also with various companies and school authorities.

A person who wishes to frame a good future in this field should have a smiling personality which can infuse positive response in people’s mind.

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