Structural Engineers Education Requirements

Structural Engineering education basically deals with the methods of analyzing, planning and designing structural systems after conducting a detailed research on the structural components. These designs are prepared keeping in mind the safety, security and the comfort of the users. Structural Engineering education comes under civil engineering and can also be pursued separately. Structural engineering deals with planning the designs of various structures including buildings, stadiums, towers, bridges and various other edifices. Structural engineers work in close association with the civil engineers, electrical engineers, architects and construction managers and may even be involved in designing satellites, aircrafts, space ships, etc.

Structural Engineers Education Requirements

  • In order to get into this field one is required to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering. A Graduation degree in Civil Engineering is the least requirement to become a Structural Engineer.
  • A Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering is recommended to attain growth in this field. Certain organizations do not consider a person with just a Bachelor’s Degree; they require their candidate to possess a Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering.
  • One may even undergo Structural Analysis courses that provide lessons on Structural Dynamics, Structural Mechanics and Structural Failure Analysis. These are designed to provide basic knowledge about structural analysis theories.
  • One may even undergo other advanced structural engineering courses for further specialization in this field.

Structural Engineers Degrees, Courses and Certifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering
  • Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering
  • Structural Design Course specializing in Reinforced Concrete Design
  • Structural Design Course specializing in Composite Structure Design
  • Structural Design Course specializing in Timber Design
  • Structural Design Course specializing in Masonry Design
  • Structural Design Course specializing in Structural Steel Design

Structural Engineers Qualifications and Training

One needs to qualify in the core subjects of Structural Engineering in order to grow in this field. These subjects include Solid Mechanics, Material Science, Numerical analysis, Structural Analysis -Static & Dynamic and Conceptual Structural Design. Attending a training program in this field provides hands on experience and helps in enhancing the knowledge. It is recommended to undergo training in Structural Engineering to increase the chances of getting a good job opportunity.

Structural Engineers Colleges and Universities

Structural Engineers Wages and Salary

The annual salary of a Structural Engineers may vary between $48,000 and $89,000; the amount varies depending on the city or state. It is also dependent on the organization he/ she is working with. The wages/ salary increase as per the post of the engineer.

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