Storyboard Artist Education Requirements

The storyboard artists are those who use computer software for the purpose of drawing and planning images and shots for commercials, television shows, animated shorts and movies. The artist is in charge of putting all the scenes in a proper order and in accordance to various appearances. There is a need for training and education in animation and graphic design. There are various courses that one can take up along with professional experience in order to gain employment.

 Storyboard Artist Education Requirements

  • There are specific digital arts programs which are designed for teaching animation, editing and related techniques. There are courses on color theory, visual storytelling, digital illumination and design theory.
  • There are animation courses that the artist can take up which teaches the different levels of animation, texturing, post production and conceptualization. There are various insights learnt about the industry and the marketing techniques as well.
  • There are certification courses on storyboarding which offer topics such as storyboard methods and creating models that will appeal to the masses. Animation, graphics etc. are also included in these courses.
  • Bachelor degree in Fine Arts, Graphics Design, Digital Arts and Animation.
  • Master degree in Fine Arts, Graphics Design, Digital Arts and Animation.
  • Certification in Storyboarding.

Storyboard Artist Degrees, Courses and Certification

Storyboard Artist Qualifications and Training

One needs to build a competitive portfolio since most employers look for candidates who have been involved in prior projects. Hence, internships become very important and one can get many opportunities while taking up formal courses. One should gain experience by working as a freelance storyboard artist. Collaborations with artists and directors also help in the training process.

Storyboard Artist Colleges and Universities

Storyboard Artist Wages and Salaries

As a storyboard artist, one can earn around $67,800 per year. However, one can also work freelance and earn much more or less depending on the project.

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