Stock Broker Education Requirements

A stockbroker, employed by the U.S Department of Labour, has to be educated well in the field of business, economics, or finance, so as to give effective advice to investors and other individual who would invest on behalf of their companies in the stock market. A stockbroker education involves holding a bachelor’s degree in a related subject and, most importantly, requires the broker to have a thorough knowledge and excellent experience of the actual conditions prevailing in the stock market, to ensure he takes the perfect investment decisions for his clients.

Apart from completing an education course from a business school or such college, a stockbroker requires to have attended a number of training programmes to hone his skills in the area of concern. A stockbroker can have worked as an intern in some finance sector or a company, as that adds on the education attained by the individual.

Stock Broker Education Requirements:

  • A stockbroker should have completed college with a bachelor’s degree in business, finance, economics, or accounting.
  • The broker must have appeared in the Series 7 exam, designed especially for stockbrokers, and should have scored well.
  • It is extremely necessary for a stockbroker to have gained experience form various training sessions that teach the language of finance, methods to conduct efficient and profitable investments, security analysis, etc.

Stock Broker Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

A stockbroker needs to attain the following degrees and certificates to ensure that he earns a job in the respective market:

  • High School Diploma in either Science or Commerce
  • Graduation from a reputed institute in Business, Finance, Economics or Accounting
  • Passing certificate of the General Securities Registered Representative Examination and the Uniform Securities Agents State Law Examination

Stock Broker Qualifications and Training:

The stockbroker needs to attain qualifications in the concerned subject of work, apart from attaining college degrees. One needs to have attended thorough training procedure that teaches the various aspects of stock broking, such as financial planning and management, risk management, insurance facilities, employee benefits and taxes, retirement and investment plans, etc. Most companies prefer stockbrokers who have had a minimum of two years experience in the actual field of work, apart from a continous training procedure at regular interval of some 3 – 4 months.

Stock Broker Colleges and Universities:

Stock Broker Salary and Wages:

The salary of a stockbroker largely depends on the salary of clients, because it is they who pay the individual. It is somewhat near to $80000 for an experienced and efficient stockbroker.

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