Stage Manager Education Requirements

A stage manager is an individual who forms a link between the on stage performers and artists and the back stage crew. A stage manager is responsible for the entire administration, coordination and management of the stage performance and performers. He/she must have exceptional communication skills and organization abilities to do justice to this job position.

In order to become a stage manager, an individual must have certain compulsory educational specifications. He/she must meet some mandatory requirements so as to be able to handle the duties related to the job. The following are the education requirements of a stage manager which can be referred to by any person looking for help or better understanding of this field.

Stage Manager Educational Requirements:

The following are the main educational requirements which must be fulfilled by an individual who wishes to become a stage manager in a theatre or an event organization team:

  • A high school diploma or passing certificate is quite enough for an individual wishing to be a stage manager.
  • A bachelor’s degree in fine arts or theatre production can be the correct path for the candidate but this requirement is usually not mandatory.
  • There is no requirement for any kind of Master’s degree or diploma if an individual is seeking the job of a stage manager.

Stage Manager Degrees, Courses and Certificates:

The following are the degree, course and certificate requirements for the job position of a stage manager

  • High school diploma from an accredited school.
  • Bachelor’s degree in stage management, theatre production, fine arts, stage production or any other related field may be required by certain theatre groups.
  • Knowledge about costumes, lighting, performing arts, direction etc can be extremely useful and is a must for any individual interested in becoming a stage manager.
  • Knowledge of sets, designs and anchoring can also be another useful qualification.

Stage Manager Training and Qualifications

Apart from the formal educational requirements, any individual who wishes to become a stage manager must have enough experience of the workings of a stage and theatre in order to do justice to this job position. This experience can be gained only by working on a set, behind the scenes, in the production department etc of a theatre or stage group.

Stage Manager Colleges and Universities

Stage Manager Wages and Salaries:

The salary for a person who is working as a stage manager is between $19400 and $79492 in the US.

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