Squash Education and Job Requirements

Squash Requirements

Squash is an indoor sport that is played by two players with the use of a squash racquet and a ball. The squash player has to obtain basic physical conditioning that includes strength and cardiovascular training. There are training programs that the players of squash are encouraged to undertake so as to build the stamina that is needed in both the arms and legs of the player. The game of squash has been recognized by the International Olympics committee and fall part of the Olympic Games.

Educational Requirements

  • The person has to posses a minimum of college level degree in any discipline.
  • The person has to have acquired membership of any of the local, state level or national squash association or club.
  • The person has to obtain fitness certification to play squash.
  • The person should have good eye sight along with proper coordination as squash is a speed game.
  • Should be trained in athletics for better performance during playing the game.

Job Requirements

  • Should have acquired the performance scores and a ranking that is greater than 250 and above which have been accumulated by playing at tournaments at various levels.
  • Should have played at college or university level championships.
  • Should possess good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • The candidate should also possess good time management skills to manage to obtain maximum squash points in least possible time.
  • Should be physically fit with good stamina and vigor at all times.
  • The player should be able to play for long hours when needed.

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