Sports Trainer Education Requirements

Many people have a belief that sports or athletics is a glamorous profession. While the profession undeniably has its perks, being a sportsperson has its risks as well. Both professional and amateur athletes regularly suffer from sports injuries that range from simple bruises to sprained muscles and even concussions and broken bones.

The job of sports trainers is to keep the athletes safe, fit and healthy for their disciplines. Sports training is usually a high pressure job that comprises taking instant medical decisions that could potentially affect the entire career of the sportsperson.

Sports Trainer Education Requirements

  • Most organizations that hire sports trainers want to have at least a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or college.
  • A sports training program provides the students with both classroom teaching and hands-on clinical experience.
  • Most states seek sports trainers that are certified by Board of Certification. All certified sports trainers have to periodically complete their continuing education classes so as to keep their certification.
  • Though not required, a sports trainer who has a master’s or a higher degree would have a higher chance of securing an advanced position. He can further his career by getting promoted as the chief sports trainer.

Sports Trainer Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Besides securing a bachelor’s degree in sports training a candidate can earn several certificates to enhance his career. These are as follows:

  • AAS in Allied Health
  • Certificate—Fitness Trainer
  • Diploma in Medical Assistance
  • Certificate in Medical Office Administration
  • Ed.D in Sports Management
  • Master of Education (Athletic Coaching)
  • Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics

Sports Trainer Qualifications and Training

To become a certified sports trainer, one must pass the concerned examination after completion of training. The examination covers topics including CPR, emergency treatment techniques, first aid etc. After being certified, the trainer has to take the continuing education course and pay the recertification fee every year for maintaining his certification.

Many institutions offer hands-on training to individuals willing to be a sports trainer. One has to make sure that such an institution is duly approved to conduct such training.

Sports Trainer Colleges and Universities

Sports Trainer Wages and Salary

Professional sports trainers usually work full time. They often have to travel with the team or the sportsperson. The salary of a sports trainer varies according to his experience. The average salary, however, is around $39,000. Entry level sports trainers have to first work as assistants.

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